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With the recent changes in the mortgage rules, it’s not easy buying a home in GTA anymore. Buyers are required to put in more money for the down payment where as new home buyers are finding it difficult, as they are required to pay 35-40% of the purchasing price as down payment. For the first time home buyers, this can be a huge amount to spare. Availing a gold loan in this scenario will not only solve the problem of down payment but have various other benefits too.

  • Why should one lose out on an opportunity to purchase a great asset early in life due to lack of money, especially when there’s a valuable asset like gold sitting at home or in safe. With easy gold loans from SKN, one can book a new condominium or home instantly and effortlessly. SKN helps hundreds of new buyers annually to purchase their dream home by assisting them with down payments and flexible Gold Loan plans.
  • SKN doesn’t report about the gold loan to the credit agencies, so it will not affect client’s credit score. In fact, one receives the gold loan amount in cash making sure that it’s not shown as traditional loan on your credit report. In this way, having Gold loan doesn’t hinder the chance of getting home mortgage.
  • With competitive interest rates from SKN, one can pay off or decrease other existing loans. This helps a client increase his/her overall credit availability.
  • On adding lawyer fees and other taxes, closing expense adds up to be a big expense. Gold loan can be used for paying off the closing expense. In a few months after purchasing the home, one would be able to get a Home Equity Line of Credit. With the help of that, one could partly reduce the loan amount or completely close the gold loan with our flexible plans.

Growing needs doesn’t necessarily mean moving out to buy a bigger house or spend money on moving to another house. You can always renovate your basement to accommodate extended and joint families. However, it is difficult to obtain home renovation loan if you have existing lines of credits or second mortgage. Most of the times, one may have to pay hefty fees for obtaining second mortgage as there’ll be hidden fees and charges associated with these mortgages. In a scenario like this, availing a Gold Loan from SKN will help you cover your expenses for home renovation without affecting your ability to obtain any other loans. And, our Gold Loans can easily be repaid on your terms with our flexible and easy repayment plans.

Renovating your basement by adding more units, kitchen & washrooms and renting it out could be a great way to generate extra income. It’s a smart investment plan that can increase your family cash flow that can help you pay off your mortgage faster. Make the most of your house and avail short or long-term Gold Loan from SKN. With affordable interest rates and flexible plans, you will have absolute control over your loan.

Property prices are on a steady rise. Buying a second home or commercial unit for investment will be a smart choice in today’s day and age. However, obtaining mortgage for these properties is a huge challenge, especially if you already carry any mortgage or lines of credit.

Gold Loan from SKN Financial can help you in this scenario with down payments and renovation costs for the investment properties. With the increased cash flow, our flexible monthly repayment plans and decreasing principal, repaying the gold loan will be easy.

SKN Financial offers Gold Loan with competitive interest rates. One can avail these gold loans to pay off or decrease the higher interest consumer loans, credit card loans or consolidated debt. By paying off high interest loans, you can improve your credit score and your credit worthiness. And with that, you can get lower interest loans from banks and other financial institutions. SKN does not report your gold loan to the credit agencies and it does not show in your credit file either. Flexible gold plans from SKN can actually help you pay off your loans easily while you improve your credit score.

Having your own business is a dream everyone sees. But obtaining business loans from banks and other financial institutions are not just time consuming but also involves a lot of paperwork.

On the contrary, obtaining a Gold Loan from SKN is easy and instant. You may use the money from gold loan to start or expand your own business without wasting any time or going through the hassle of paperwork. And once your business starts to grow and provide you with enough cash flow, you can pay off your loan with our flexible terms. You may also be able to avail business loans from banks at this point and could use those proceeds to close or partly reduce your gold loan with us. SKN issues interest statements for all the loans, which could be used to reduce your business taxes by claiming as interest expense.

Personal emergencies don’t come with a prior notice. Anyone, anytime could need instant cash. In such a situation, Gold Loan from SKN Financial can be particularly helpful. One can get cash in hand minutes after they walk-in with their gold. Our loan process is extremely quick and fairly simple. It does not take more than 10-15 minutes and one photo ID for processing the loan. There’s no set minimum amount so, one can get the money immediately.

It may not always be the case when money is needed in Canada or even for one’s own self. It’s hard for Canadian residents to obtain loans in their home countries. Be it for buying a property or for a personal emergency, it is possible that one may need to send money back home. Gold Loan from SKN Financial can help you with just that. One can send the money home and keep earning in dollars to repay the loan.

Car/truck loans for new immigrants with limited credit history can turn out to be very expensive. Not only the interest rates are high, but these loans have hidden fees and extra charges attached to them. One even has to limit themselves from buying the vehicle of their choice. SKN Gold Loans promises competitive interest rates for everyone. Which is why, it becomes easy for one to buy the vehicle they wish without really being worried about the credit scores.

Store credit cards always come with high interest rates and hidden charges. It’s best to avoid buying purchase plans from the stores as they may also limit your bargaining ability as well as affect your credit scores.

SKN Financial offer Gold Loans with competitive interest rates and flexible re-payment options making it easier for our clients to go out and buy all the items they wish – computers, furniture, appliances or even vacation packages.