Loan Against Gold

What We Do?

At SKN Financial, we recognize Gold and gold ornaments unlock millions of opportunities and emotions. A Trustworthy partner like us guides and assists you to realize your financial obligations, by way of Gold Loans, through your precious asset that would otherwise be kept under lock-and-key in all households.

SKN Financials success throughout the years is a result of providing our exclusive clients with the gold loan in the easiest safest way, but also commitment and trust. We have a range of different Gold Loan Schemes that you can avail, by way of pledging your gold ornaments, to suit your financial requirements. Cash for Gold is the perfect option for personal as well as business requirements. It is a safe, reliable and quick way of availing money.

Why SKN?

No Credit Check​

Just walk in with your gold and walk out with cash (Loan) without any credit checks.

Instant Cash

We offer the quickest way to give you a loan with minimalistic paper checks and simple documentation work.

Govt. Approved​

We are a Government Approved Company that offers you loan against gold at the most attractive rate of interest.

Low Interest Rates

To know about how low our interest rates are, get in touch with us! The gold is assessed in your presence which assures you peace of mind.

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