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In today’s day and age, needs have grown along with the dreams. To cater to growing needs and bigger dreams, SKN helps its clients with easy gold loans.

Gold is worth a million opportunities and emotions. But it’s an asset that’s usually kept under lock in all households. However, a gold loan from a trusted partner like us can unlock various golden opportunities. For years, we have stood there for our clients by offering commitment and trust along with safe, easy and effortless gold loans. We promote responsible lending whereby we keep client’s best interests and financial requirements in mind ensuring affordability and maintaining transparency of terms and conditions.

We provide loan against any gold jewellery making sure one does not have to sell their valuable gold for any short-term or long-term financial need. Gold loans are a perfect choice for both, personal and business needs. One gets instant cash, just with the gold articles as collaterals. It’s fast, it’s reliable and most importantly, it’s safe.

SKN Financial have been in the business for over 10 years in GTA. However, our journey started in India, almost 45 years ago. Since then, SKN Financial have been providing distinctive loan plans and payment options that suits the financial needs of our clients.

Privately owned reserves of gold have a lot of value. SKN Financial envisions to be the leader in the financial segment by providing the best and thus, the lowest cost alternative lending to its clients.

At SKN, we offer process optimization by using innovative technology for the assessment of loan processing. It is to make sure that the wait time for the client reduces and the staff efficiency improves.Not just that, we keep ourselves under continuous scrutiny to find out ways to improve clients’ satisfaction and creating positive business interaction.

We are also enhancing accessibility for our clients by including more self-directed transactions and by opening more offices so that the client can easily access our services.

With promises like process optimization, continuous quality improvement and enhancing accessibility, SKN hopes to offer maximum benefits to maximum number of clients.

With the changing times and growing needs, SKN believes in being there to make the lives of people simpler, easier and comfortable. We wish to grow along with our clients by enabling them to meet their short-term or long-term financial requirements. And we wish to do the same by keeping all our client-centered processes transparent ensuring maximum client satisfaction. Our mission is to provide low cost financial solutions to all our clients.

We strive for two values mainly – Transparency and Trustworthiness

We believe that having maximum transparency ensures that our clients are receiving the best client oriented service. We also take utmost care in ensuring that our client understand and agrees each process in the loan assessment and payments. Our processes are structured simple and we offer easy to understand loan documentations along with maximum disclosure. We make sure that our clients are clearly informed about the payment schedules, loan maturity or any other details through our ongoing communication.

For us, our client’s trust is paramount which is why we ensure that each and every process from our end is backed with this principle. We handle our client’s valuables with utmost care by safekeeping them with the industry standard security and insuring them without charging extra to the client. We have partnered with all major banks for bill payment services to ensure payment integrity.