SKN Financial have been in the business for over 10 years in GTA. In India, SKN Financial has been in the Gold Business for more than 45 years. SKN Financial as a company, is into providing distinctive loan plans and payment options to suit their client’s financial needs, be it long-term or short-term.


SKN Financial believes in making the lives of people simpler, easier and comfortable. We provide credit facilities to clients against their jewelry, at reasonable interest rates; thereby enabling our clients to meet their short-term or long-term financial requirements.


Our vision is to activate and unlock the value of the privately-owned reserves of gold of people in Scarborough, and offer its benefits to the people of Brampton. Our vision is to become one of the leading players in this segment of the financial sector.

What makes SKN Financial the best?

 SKN Financial believes in and offers customization and flexibility to its clients.

We provide different loan plans to suit the client’s financial  requirements- short term, long term with different payment options. Our Loan Officer organizes a discussion with the client and helps the client prioritize, plan and manage his financial requirements.

SKN Financial believes in Transparency.

Our clients have the choice to repay partial amounts, thereby reducing their principal loan. The loans offered are open and this feature helps our clients save in terms of reduction in interest payable.

SKN Financial offers Partial Redemption.

The clients of SKN Financial are given the choice of partially redeeming their Gold, as the principal loan amount decreases. This feature enables our clients to take out their gold jewelry as and when they desire.

SKN Financial offers Credit on available Bank Balance

The clients of SKN Financial can get credit if they have any balance available  in their bank account, thereby helping them in managing their financial requirements in a better way. This acts as a line of credit.

SKN Financial offers Maximum Value.

Clients of SKN Financial can obtain a maximum of 80% value of the gold they pledge. SKN Financial makes use of the latest software technology and programs to assess and appraise the value of gold in order to provide the best value to its clients. In simple terms, we, at SKN Financial, give you more money!

SKN Financial safeguards by way of Insurance

The gold of clients is safeguarded as per Industry Security Standards, at SKN Financial. We have partnered with a major Insurance Company to insure our clients’ gold against uncertain events like fire and theft, with no additional costs to the clients.

SKN Financial offers Pre-Authorized Payment Plans (PAD).

Clients have the option of making payments via Online Banking. All major banks are included in this payment gateway. Pre-Authorized Payment Plans make the credit process simpler, convenient and less time-consuming.

SKN Financial is always ready to help!

SKN Financial has a team that is helpful, friendly and enthusiastic and who would provide a detailed explanation about the documentation process, the conditions and terms, etc. We interact in Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and Malayalam along with English.


SKN Financial has 2 branches which are conveniently located in the East and North-West of GTA, to serve our clients better. We intend to expand our company to the other parts of GTA in the near future.

Visit us and you shall not be dissapointed!